About Us

In early 2008 we design and develop a revolutionary system that would allow customers and takeaway/restaurant staff to place orders with ease and most importantly with minimal or no training.

Our goals is to reduce time wasted queueing up for your order. Our instore touchscreen menuing systems allows for both customers and takeaway/restaurant staff to take and place orders without any assistance or looking through the dreaded instruction manual.

Our online ordering service adds a new dimension by intergrating seamlessly with our touchsreen system. No more waiting for confirmations or decined order, all of our online orders are accepted giving you peace of mind and assurance that your order will be fulfilled.

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12A Rushy View
WA12 9FG

Sales & Support

Telephone: 01925 228819
Email: support@local-takeout.co.uk


For all other enquiries:
Email: enquiries@local-takeout.co.uk

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